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The Egyptian Air Defense College (Arabic: كلية الدفاع الجوى), is the country's scientific military college aimed to supply the army with its need of the professional engineers. It was established in 1974. Graduates of the Air Defense College get commissioned as officers in the Egyptian Air Defense Command.

The College of Air Defense is one of the most modern advanced-technology research military campuses in the Middle East, and is considered a destination for students coming from Arab and other countries and are willing to learn the necessary military skills based on the latest means of technological and research methods.


The Air Defense College (ADC) aspires to be the most distinguished at the local, regional and international levels in air defense and engineering sciences.


The Air Defense College (ADC) prepares a combater air defense officer who is able to lead a small sub-unit in light of the continuous development in armament technology who differentiates with high morale, physical and mental fitness and competes scientifically, professionally and disciplined at the local, regional and international levels in the fields and systems of air defense in order to achieve the goals of the command of air defense forces and Egyptian Armed forces.


Providing professional studies for cadets of the Air Defense College (ADC) in the field of specialized air defense sciences and engineering sciences to obtain bachelor's degrees in air defense and engineering sciences.


  • Excellence education in the fields of air defense, engineering and military studies.
  • The complete digital transformation of the educational process.
  • Developing the capabilities of college academic staff to keep pace with recent developments.
  • Excellence in research and scientific applications.
  • Adopting quality standards in education and administrative systems.

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